National FTTP Network

The build out of universal FTTP in the U.S. will exceed $200 billion in capital costs.  Though substantial, the expenses are a fraction of the projected costs of 15 years ago, when one of the first major FTTP networks was deployed.  A strategy to drive a national FTTP footprint is necessary in that the most important applications and services and those most beneficial to citizens, communities, industry, and the nation,  require a large FTTP footprint in order to be financed and developed.


Capital Markets

Brilliant Nations' funding models for FTTP networks are solely based upon the capital markets, the source of equity and debt capital.  The capital markets are fully capable of funding universal FTTP in the United States and other nations.....if:

Risks are minimized in build and operation of the networks

 The network revenues support the operating costs and debt repayment

 The investment returns and other factors meet the requirements of institutional investors and

the capital markets in general


A viable financing model for FTTP networks must be highly scalable, able to capitalize the build out of a nation of fiber networks, not just a few islands of FTTP.

Creating The Financing Model For FTTP

Since before Brilliant Nations’ formation, we have been actively engaged with the largest New York investment banks (bulge bracket) and institutional investors.  The Company invested an extensive  amount of time meeting with investment banks and institutional investors to create a highly scalable financing model for FTTP that meets all of the criteria of the capital markets.


Brilliant Nations has demonstrated the viability of our financing model to bulge bracket investment banks and they agree that  our highly scalable financing model fulfills the criteria of the capital markets.  We are now fully engaged with major institutions of the capital markets to acquire full funding.