The build out of FTTP networks in the U.S. provides extensive opportunities and benefits for nearly all companies within all industry sectors.  Subscribers benefit continuously from the first day of operations.


Individual companies and industry sectors acquire the benefits and opportunities of FTTP networks in different ways and at different times, though continuously increasing.  For industry, there are four primary phases of a FTTP network:

• Build out of FTTP networks

The build out of FTTP networks, drives revenue and global opportunities for providers of hardware and information technology/services, those providing construction services, and mobile/wireless networks

• Initial operations

Capabilities are enhanced for companies already providing services over the Internet and new opportunities are enabled for media, advertising, e-commerce, Internet search, and other market groups.

• First years of operations

Highly robust (bandwidth consuming) and interactive applications are financed and developed to take advantage of the ultra-high symmetrical bandwidth of FTTP networks, benefiting companies operating in cloud computing, big data, digital media/content, advertising, health care, education, video games, other markets, and industry in general, for internal applications.

• Thereafter

The expanding national footprints of FTTP networks and their fundamentally unlimited bandwidth capacity, drives substantial global investment into applications and services that have broad and extensive benefits in health care, education, government, mobile/wireless networks, and likely all industry sectors.


Many of the important future applications and services, have yet be conceptualized.  In time, the subscriber’s connectivity costs for the FTTP network are highly reduced or fully subsidized by the commerce, applications, and services the subscriber utilizes.